​I would like to contribute my thoughts as a lifelong fan of Junoon and Salman ahmad, at a young age I experienced his huge impact on the different generations  especially our youth and brought huge changes to the music industry and in Pakistan, by utilizing spirituality and modern music to encourage and to revolutionise music, Salman Ahmad's music is soulful, authentic and positive that brought huge positive impact and changes in our culture, His music  transforms your soul and takes you into a state of Funna\ ecstasy.Salman Ahmad  is a living legend and a living Sufi.  
Ilook up to Salman Ahmad from the stand point of the following qualities that he brings to us such as
 a Sufi, a Musician, a living legend , a professor\ teacher and a humanitarian, polio ambassador
I had the opportunity to recently listen to his new album ‘Door ‘ It feels like the album was created from the heart and soul with  true and pure intention, my first quick listen through this album I was blown away and inspired, lush production, great guitar. The reworking of the Junoon songs kept the feeling but approached each song in a new and different way, it made me fall in love with them all over again, the remix open your eyes was very powerful, I keep playing ‘khwab’ over and over again in my mind after listening to it, I feel it inspires me in a positive and creative manner. There is a new song “ anso “ which is mystical and haunting and takes you into the state of trance. I feel Salman Ahmad has a healing voice and can take music to a different level, He inspires by moving forward  in a new creative way with inspirational\evolved changes from the 90s.

 I feel blessed hearing  several of his new songs and creations. I would say this album is a master piece. Not coming from just a fan but someone who loves Junoon.
Salman Ahmad has taken the music to whole new level and has taken Pakistan’s name internationally, and we are proud of his contributions of music and compassion to our society.
I have a lot of respect and gratification for Salman Ahmad as he has contributed so much in Pakistan to create positivity, I would encourage everybody to listen to the new album ~Rock On, this is a new generation we are moving forward in a positive and healthy light.

Rabia Syed





​ Response to the open letter to Salman Ahmad


​Why is it we as Pakistanis have to scream and shout to have our voices heard? The lack of a response by express tribune validates the sad state of the manipulative media. I have to resort to blogging this just to make a counter point. 
This was an uncaring and unkind attack  on someone who puts his heart and soul into pakistan. 
Below is my original letter that I sent to the express tribune to counter balance to this malicious attack. 

​I am so disappointed in the manipulative state of our national media, take for instance the express tribune
the day before yesterday they chose to print a scathing letter reviewing Salman Ahmads new album "door " 25th anniversary album. It was a petty attack on a person who should be revered as a National Treasure. Salman Ahmad has worked tirelessly and fearlessly to promot his country nationally and internationally and to provide countless hours of volunteer service to bring our country in to 21st century. 
I wrote a simple reply, repudiating the prejudiced "open letter" and gave valid reasons to accept his work of art, as an extension of his progression and musical career. I sent this to both the editorial desk and to the editor and got ZERO response.