​Nadia khan show-Morning television show on Geo TV network

​Feb 26th appearances was a demonstration of intuitive reading of a prominent TV actress and discussion of the process.

​April 18th explored the impact and meaning of facial and body moles and several intuitive readings of celebrity guest .

April 20th talked about inner and outer beauty an did intuitive readings .

​Har lamha purjosh -ARY News Daily Television Show

​Televised in Feb/March 2016 90 minute daily show promoting and analysing Pakistan Super league cricket matches, provided personal insights and predictions to the out come of all matches, was the most accurate predictor and winner of the prize of HLP PSL trophy and Q mobile prize award.

​The morning show with Sanam Baloch -ARY News

​Aug 27th 2014 elved into the meaning of colour and chakras on a person's personality an disposition.

Sitaray ki subha with shaista lodhi -Morning show on Hum sitaray network

​March 11th show was highlighting dream interpretations and how they impact well-being and metaphysical meanings.

March07th show explored people's eye and the role eye shapes and colours play in personality and communications and how they are read by an intuitive consultant. 

​Ek nai subha with Farah-Morning show on APlus TV.