I am an intuitive consultant and a gifted psychic , my readings are given through Tarot  cards, clairvoyance, clairaudience and several mind sciences 4th dimension  techniques. I have followed the teachings of Sufi mysticism and appreciate the Sufi mystics.  I am trained in mind sciences by professor Dr Moiz Hussian,  I am a 4th dimension and mind sciences practioner/Expert. I am also a Reiki master, certified crystal healer, certified hypnotherapist I can teach individuals or classes for these and tarot readings. Call me for a quote. 


When I give readings, I align with the universe and its infinite intelligence.  During the reading, I receive information  about your true potential to connect you with your divine purpose,  my readings and consultation will provide you  clearer perspective on situations whether they be about relationships, yourself, or spiritual in nature. Guidance is given to help you explore and understand your personal spiritual journey.


Can be in person , by phone , or via Skype.

To book your Tarot/intuitive consultation :

   45 min  phone,skype or in person tarot / intuitive reading - $130

   One hour spiritual guidance /coaching session - $150

   One hour phone,skype or in person reading - $120
    One hour Reiki Chakra healing session - $150
   One hour crystal healing session - $120
   One hour tuning fork healing session - $120
    One  hour hypnotherapy - $120

​   Reiki infused candle set - $ 100


Life forecast with detailed numerology - $200

To book, please fill in the form in the contact section, I am looking forward to connecting with you !

Rabia Syed psychic consultant

Rabia Syed Psychic Consultant